The ITS department provides several key functions to the company and employees.
This section lists several of the functions along with brief descriptions organized by subject.
If ever you or your fellow employees need assistance with any of the below, please sure to immediately contact the ITS Department for support.

Server and Network Management

Like checking the dashboard of a vehicle, the ITS department monitors the status of company servers, networks, and programs. Typically without users noticing, the team jumps into action when problems arise and work for resolution and prevention of future issues.

Data Continuity and Management

With multiple layers of redundancy, the ITS department has policies in place to ensure company data is protected.

User Setup and Support

Maxwell Group provides access to a variety of services that require specific kinds of accounts and associated access. The ITS department works in collaboration with the local Business Office to ensure all new and existing employees are setup correctly with the appropriate credentials (User IDs and Passwords) to perform their responsibilities.

Computer and Device Support

Providing various avenues to assist users with their desktop or laptop computer, the ITS Department supports our employees. From remote management to onsite visits, the team manages workstations using antiVirus and malware support, patch management, and software deployment services.

Collaboration and File Sharing

SharePoint and Network storage are the primary collaboration technologies we use. The ITS Department ensures these resources are available and functioning at all times.