Regroup is our web-based mass notification tool.
As a leader in mass communication technology, Regroup offers innovative solutions that empower institutions of all-size and type to communicate faster, easier and more efficiently. This tool makes mass communication an easy and worry-free process. You can find more information at

Regroup Login
For Social Directors, logging into Regroup requires LastPass. The individual LastPass accounts for each Social Director contains the username and password for Regroup. Please make sure LastPass is installed on your computer and your smartphone. If you need assistance with LastPass, please contact Help Desk.

1) Click on the LastPass icon in your browser. In the search field, type “Regroup” and select the entry from the drop down list. The url for Regroup is

2) LastPass should populate your username and password.

Company Specific Guidance
Click on the following link below to learn about specific guidance that is unique to our use of Regroup.

– Regroup:Highlights, Tips, and Tricks

– Regroup: Emergency Contacts Integration with myUnity (Electronic Health Record)

Regroup Training and Documentation
Click on the following links below to learn more:

– How to Post a Message in Regroup

– How to Create a Posting Template in Regroup

– How to Create Groups in Regroup