Outlook is used as our email application and can be accessed in two ways. The first is by the application which is installed on your computer (desktop application). The second way to connect to your mail is via a (mobile app) Here is how to connect to each…


utlook (desktop application)

When a user starts Outlook on their computer for the first time, a new Outlook profile will automatically be generated. Once your profile is generated (could take 1 minute or so), you will be able to begin using Outlook.

More than just Email
Calendars are used quite heavily as a means to coordinate internal meetings and meetings with home office support.

Learn how to use these features by checking out these resources:

Microsoft Office 365

– Outlook 365 “How To”

Spam Filtering and Email Encryption
With the integration of Barracuda, we are able to provide more secure email communication using Outlook. Barracuda is the service we use for spam protection as well as email encryption (when sensitive information is sent via email).