Computer and Launchpad Access


omputer Access

Logging on to your computer or one of our servers is pretty straight forward.

1) When the computer is powered on, you should see Control + Alt + Delete on the screen.

2) After selecting Control + Alt + Delete, you will see a space for your User name and Password.

NOTE: If another User is logged on and LOCKED the session, you can logon by selecting Switch User.

3) User name (AKA Access ID or Domain User name) is typically the first letter of your first name and your last name. Your exact User name will provided to by the hiring manager or Business Manager and will be emailed to you by the ITS Department.


aunchpad Access

Launchpad is simply a connection to server in our Charlotte data center. These servers host different applications that are used by many employees.

Sales Launchpad

The Sales Launchpad is primarily used by our Lifestyle Advisers and the home office Sales & Marketing team. Programs like Act! are hosted on this server.

Team Launchpad

The Team Launchpad is primarily used by employees who use Thin Client computers. This sever hosts the newest Microsoft Office suite and access to other web-based applications we use like Silver Chair, Vision, and OnShift.

1) Find and double click on the respective icon (Sales Launchpad or Team Launchpad).

2) You will be asked for your log in credentials. Use your SLC Username and password then click OK.